“It's What You Need”
Copyediting for Fiction Writers

    In the world of fiction writing, copyediting includes critical points like proofreading for spelling and punctuation, grammar-and-style considerations, formatting, continuity, and lots of other things that will shoot you in the foot as surely as Tuesday comes after Monday if not taken care of before you submit your manuscript.
    Proofers and copy editors are not developmental editors, also called content editors or book doctors. Unlike them, a good proofer and copy editor will always improve your work because structural revisions will always make your work linguistically stronger, and because any revision suggestions from The Proofing Department are supported by not only twenty-one years of copyediting experience but also by all top-shelf references such as the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Professional proofing and copyediting prior to submission of your manuscript is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your final draft; in fact, the issues covered by the proofing process cumulatively comprise the single biggest reason manuscripts are rejected within the first five pages.

“It's What You Need”
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Writers' Devils

The grammar-and-style "rules" for writers who break the rules for a living—storytellers like you

     You're a fiction writer, a storyteller, and you're not bound to follow any style guide anywhere—including this one—but you need to know the difference between the nonstandard writing you use on purpose toward some literary purpose and the mistakes you make because you don't have enough information to avoid them. You have to know the “rules” of standard English whether you follow them or not, because you can't know what effect breaking a rule will have unless you know what the rule is.
     Writers' Devils is written specifically for fiction writers and makes no attempt to lay down written-in-stone grammar rules, because they don't always apply to what a storyteller is trying to do. It is instead a collection of articles about the writing problems that seem to bedevil fiction writers in particular and how to deal with them. It also addresses topics not found in other writer guides, such as dialogue tags and punctuation, pronunciation spellings, short story submission format, and many other fiction-intensive subjects.
     Only $9.99 at Amazon's Kindle store, Writers' Devils is one of the best investments you'll ever make in your fiction writing mission.

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Sell Your Ebook Now at Amazon's Kindle Store or Thousands of Other Places Worldwide

     The Internet has changed the self-publishing landscape forever. Now, with the advent of electronic publishing and the no-cost worldwide distribution and sales capabilities of vendors like Amazon, writers who wish to self-publish can not only realize that goal with almost no start-up costs but, in some cases, also make substantial profits from sales royalties.
     Kindle Self-Publishing Help will show you more about the Amazon self-publishing process. If it all seems a bit daunting to you, relax. We'll develop your professional Kindle ebook for you at an extremely attractive charge, usually less than $100. Check with other service providers, then give us a ring below...virtually speaking.
     Should you want to pursue other self-publishing opportunities, we can, if you prefer, develop your ebook in ePub, the world's most popular ebook format, readable in Nook, Kobo, Sony, iPad, and most other popular ebook readers worldwide.

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