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     Grammar manuals are commonplace. There are hundreds of them on the market at any time. The problem for storytellers is that virtually all of these handbooks are intended for the nonfiction writer. Most of them are useful to the writers of essays, research papers, and other scholarly works, and they serve quite well for journalists and book-length nonfiction authors, but they are patently ill-suited for use by fiction writers. Reasons for nonfiction writers to use nonstandard English are almost nonexistent, but storytellers break the rules all the time—it’s almost part of their job description. Indeed, creative writing wouldn't be very creative if storytellers had to color inside the lines all the time, would it? After all, you’re not writing graduate papers or refrigerator manuals.
     Writers’ Devils is different from nearly every other writing guide in two important ways: It recognizes the special requirements of fiction writers, and it aproaches topics in a conversational, easy-to-follow style, different from the stiff, pedantic, textbook-like feel of most grammar manuals.

The Writers’ Devils Reliability Guarantee

     You can trust the information you read in Writer’s Devils. In fact, if, within ten days of purchasing the book, you find what you think is an error in advice*, send it to us here or to the link provided on the warranty page of the book. If you’re the first to report it, and if we find you’re right, we’ll send you $50.00 and a free copy of the corrected update. No other reference of its kind in the world makes this offer.

     If you’re a fiction writer working in American English, Writers’ Devils is what you need. It’s that simple. Full of information and advice you can actually use, it also includes interactive links you can use to access free submission formatting templates, character name generators, and lots more. Check it out and and evaluate a sample free at Amazon’s Kindle store.
     Don’t forget: you don’t need a Kindle device to use the book. You can download the great —and free—Kindle for PC reader app to run Writers’ Devils in the background of any desktop or laptop PC and have it handy in the program tray whenever you need it while you’re working.

     Writers’ Devils is also available as a big 8½"X11" paperback with large print that’s easy on the eyes during extended writing sessions.

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* An error in advice means any unintentionally conveyed information or advice that is characterized as prescriptively incorrect by all major references. Hanging modifiers and run-on sentences are simple examples of prescriptive errors. The guarantee does not extend to stylistic advice, such as whether or not to use final serial commas, which can vary between different textbooks and guides.